A Note For Parents

Heather and I love what is happening in our kids ministry at City View!  An amazing group of talented and dedicated people have really given their talents, abilities and leadership over the last year to make City View Kids an amazing place.

Many churches that start with a small group like we did don’t start with kids ministry.  It takes months and sometimes years for church plants to establish strong care because of resource and time.  We were fortunate to start with a great group from day one!  We are looking forward to the future.

This morning something amazing happened.  I came into our family room this morning to my kids watching, singing and dancing to this past Sunday’s lesson on our TV!  They were saying the memory verse and bottom line!  It was a cool experience as a parent to see them growing.

We all know that technology is changing the world and we want to utilize that to help you as parents.  We have some amazing kids curriculum and are now putting it online for you to use with your family.  There are video lessons that you can stream online, play through your xbox, Apple TV, or media centre.  There are also parent cues each week and devotions for your kids.

This is just one way that we want to help parents disciple there kids.  As a church we have them for an hour and half but we know the true responsibility lies in us a parents to lead our kids in the ways of Jesus.

We want to do everything we can.  So go on over to www.cityview.cc/kids each week and use the resource!  I’ve also embedded an example of this past Sunday below.

Have a great week!



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