It the fall!  Here are three things we are thankful for at City View.

 1. City View Kids

We are really excited that our kids ministry is growing and advancing.  We are leveraging technology for our lessons to teach our kids the gospel.

We have also moved to two age groups.  We have rented a classroom at Central so that we have both a preschool and elementary school experience for our kids.

The really cool thing is that we have moved to four teams that serve our kids on Sunday.  This means that there are over twenty people serving in our kids ministry on a monthly basis.  This to me says that our kids ministry is in a position for sustainability and growth in the future.

You can see our lessons at www.cityview.cc/kids

2.  Community Groups

Community Groups are really becoming the heart and soul of what we do as a church.  We have coined the phrase that Community Groups are “ordinarily expressions of church in our everyday lives.”

We currently have five healthy groups meeting on a weekly basis to live out the gospel together.

3.  Discipleship and The Mission Of God

Personally, I am excited that little by little disciples are being made, leaders are being mentored and the people are joining God on His mission.

The greatest learning for me is that this takes time.  Making disciples takes time!  Especially as we teach people that church is not just an event on Sunday but something they are every single day.

I am exciting that people are catching the biblical idea that they are the priesthood.  They are the ones who join God to change the city!


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