Child Sponsorship

For over a year I’ve been working closely with Mission Possible Canada.  Mission Possible does work with children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  We sponsor kids to give them food, clothing, Christian education and a chance at a life they wouldn’t normally have.

I took my first trip to Haiti when I was 15.  That trip impacted my life in a tremendous way.  One day we were doing ministry in a Mission Possible school.  I remember doing skits and playing with the students in the an elementary class, but what I remember the most was looking at the window and seeing kids who were dirty, didn’t have much clothing and were hungry, looking into the class room from the outside.  

I asked the translator, “Why are those kids not in school here?”

The translator answered, “They are not sponsored.”

I was floored.  That image has stayed in my mind since that day.  

Heather and I sponsor 2 kids and our youth ministry sponsors 5!  If you want to make a difference, Mission Possible is one of the greatest ministries you could partner with!  Plus, it’s close if you ever want to go and visit your sponsored kid.

If you would like to sponsor a child you can e-mail me at


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